Marios Tzitziras

Marios Tzitziras

General Manager, Head of Operations, Piraeus Bank

Marios boasts a long career in Retail Banking, Payments, Acquiring, Issuing, NPEs, Digital Transformation and IT Governance.

As a General Manager Head of Operations at Piraeus Bank, Marios is responsible for leading the bank's operational excellence across multiple functions, including loans administration, trade finance, cash management, funds transfers, treasury operations, custody, centralized operations and cost control.

During his previous tenure, as part of the senior management team and BoD member at Viva Wallet group of companies, he oversaw the Group's strategy implementation and was accountable for designing and delivering the portfolio of projects that enabled the company's expansion to seven countries. As Head of client and project management division at Qualco, he was responsible for delivering Qualco’s portfolio of projects and managing strategic key accounts in Greece and in Central Europe. In his previous capacity in Eurobank, he was instrumental in driving the development of the e-banking channel, Internet strategy and the bank’s digitization.

Marios holds an MSC in Business Finance from Brunel the University of West London and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire.