Dr. Anastasia Mallerou

Dr. Anastasia Mallerou


Dr. Mallerou is a legal expert in payment systems, ICT and financial Law.

She was, for more than 25 years, the General Counsel of DIAS Interbanking Systems and, for 7 years, an elected Member of the Board of Directors in the same company.

In the past, she has served as a member of the Legal Support Group at the European Payments Council, for the introduction of SEPA and as an expert associate of the Hellenic Bank Association for the legal framework of payment systems.

She studied Law in Greece (University of Athens) and the United States (Boston University) and holds a Ph.D in the Law of Electronic Money. She also holds a second Ph.D. in Platonic Philosophy from the University of Athens.

She is a Visiting Lecturer at the European Law & Governance School and at the University of Piraeus for the Graduate Program in FinTech Regulation.

She is fluent in Greek, French, English, and Italian.