Banking, Beyond Banking: Moving from the New Normal to the Next Normal.

October 2, 2023 | Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, SNFCC

The sixth annual edition of the Banktech Conference will bring together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to explore this ever- evolving landscape and discuss the future of the financial industry in SEE driven by innovation and digital advancements to successfully navigate the transition to the “next normal”.


Embark on a transformative journey at Banktech 2023, set to unfold on Monday, October 2, 2023, at the iconic Lighthouse of SNFCC. Breaking free from conventional norms, this exceptional event ventures into the dynamic landscape of financial services, innovation, and technological advancement.

Themed “Banking, Beyond Banking: Transitioning from the New Normal to the Next Normal“, the conference goes beyond traditional banking laying out a vision of how the banking and financial industry can thrive to unravel the future of money-taking banking innovation beyond technology.

During this year’s event, around 300 delegates are expected to participate and engage in diverse discussions concerning crucial aspects confronting the banking sector. The conference agenda will delve into challenges tied to evolving customer needs and market trends while expanding the horizons of innovation beyond technology.

Conference at a glance

The banking industry worldwide has witnessed significant changes, with 2023 shaping up to be a tough year.

To regain business banking momentum and overcome intense competition, it is imperative for banks to adopt innovative strategies and embrace opportunities like sustainable financing. As the world slowly adapts to the “new normal,” it becomes crucial for banking professionals to anticipate and prepare for the “next normal” that lies ahead.

However, true banking innovation goes beyond technology; it lies in empowering people. In the realm of banking innovation, it is essential to recognize that true progress is not solely about technology but revolves around the people who drive change. By understanding how to leverage the full potential of human capital, banks can drive sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

Their evolving preferences, expectations, and behaviors act as guiding beacons, steering the course of transformative change.


Session One

Strive Or Thrive? Riding The Digitalization & Automation Waves To Regain Business Banking Momentum

  • Personalization in Banking & Intelligent CX: How can generative AI&ML help deliver more personalized experiences?
  • Omnichannel Banking: Creating Seamless Customer Journeys Across Various Touchpoints
  • Automation and Operational Efficiency: Building scalable and flexible banking infrastructures to respond to changing demands
  • Responsiveness and resilience in banking: Strategies to navigate economic uncertainty and capitalize on recovery
  • Bank Branch Transformation: Better Banking in a New Era
  • Cybersecurity and Customer Trust: Striking the Right Balance Between Security and User Experience

Session Two

Unravelling the Future of Money: Payments in the Digital and Instant Era

  • Payments Infrastructure: Instant payments, Cross broader payments, Wallets & super apps, Reg-tech, ISO 20022
  • Open banking payments & Blockchain: Towards PSD3, Tokenized assets, Payments in a Web 3.0 world
  • Retail Payments Innovation: POS innovation, Merchant value added services, e-commerce, Intelligent POS & enriched payments data, Personalization & Loyalty
  • The Digital islands: CBDCs & the Digital Euro pilots, Crypto currencies & retail payments, P2P online/offline, Threats & Opportunities
  • Fraud, Risk and Resilience: EUDIW, Biometrics & contactless payments, APP fraud & liability, AML detection

Session Three

Banking Innovation Beyond Technology: Reinventing The Customer Experience Through Digital Growth

  • Leaders of tomorrow: Visions for the future of banking and payments
  • Fostering Innovation: Driving Business Banking Solutions with Cutting Edge Technologies
  • The Human Element in a Digital World: Striking the Balance Between Automation and Personalization
  • Design Thinking for Banking: Putting the Customer at the Heart of Product Development
  • Exploring New Revenue Streams: Capitalizing on Opportunities in a Digital Landscape
  • Sustainable Growth Strategies: Building Resilience for Business Banking in the Long Run

Meet the


2023’s Key Topics

  • Redefining Efficiency: How to transform Banking Operations with Innovative Back Office Processes?
  • Empowering the Future of Retail Banking: Customer-Centric Strategies for Success
  • The Human Touch in the Digital Era: Balancing Automation and Personalized Banking Experiences
  • Beyond Automation: Embracing Technological Advancements for Streamlined Banking Services
  • Revolutionizing the Payments Landscape: Innovations, Inclusivity, Security
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC): Paving the Way for the Future of Money

  • Redesigning Traditional Banking: Exploring New Models and Strategies for Sustainable Growth
  • Exploring New Revenue Streams: Capitalizing on Opportunities in a Digital Landscape
  • Financial Inclusion via Digital Transformation: Strategies for Reaching the Unbanked

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